Live the Privilege, use our Park & Fly service

How does it work?

Save time on departure as well as on arrival and simplify your life by entrusting your vehicle to one of our valets. You don't need to take a shuttle because the vehicle is dropped off at the foot of the terminal. A new way to travel that offers time savings and comfort to leisure and business travelers.


Book online in 3 minutes, secure payment by credit card Visa,MasterCard, Amex or PayPal


Leave your car to one of our qualified valets specially dedicated to you. On the day of your arrival, meet us at our address at Route de Pré-Bois 14 - 1216 Cointrin and the valet will drive you to the airport. Travel time is only 2 minutes.


As soon as your car will be parked in one of our parking lots located in the municipality of Vernier and Meyrin, you will receive by e-mail the confirmation as well as the photos of the car and its mileage.


On the day of your return, as soon as your luggage is collected, call the valet and he will pick you up with your car directly at the airport.

Our prices

Days Valet parking
1 Day CHF 50.-
2 Days CHF 70.-
3 Days CHF 80.-
4 Days CHF 90.-
5 Days CHF 100.-
6 Days CHF 110.-
7 Days CHF 120.-
8 Days CHF 130.-
9 Days CHF 140.-
10 Days CHF 150.-
Days Valet parking
11 Days CHF 160.-
12 Days CHF 170.-
13 Days CHF 180.-
14 Days CHF 190.-
15 Days CHF 200.-
16 Days CHF 210.-
17 Days CHF 220.-
18 Days CHF 230.-
19 Days CHF 240.-
20 Days CHF 250.-